Date of birth: 26.05.2008
Sire: Fin Ch Zinnia's Cast Away
Dam: Blue Suede's Dawn Of Sunrise

Blue Suede's Hamilton
Blue Suede's Harald

Blue Suede's Halle Berry
Blue Suede's Hermione
Blue Suede's Hildegaard
Blue Suede's Hillary

Fin Ch Zinnia's Cast Away Multi Ch LvW-05 Zinnia's Miami Vice Int&Fin&S&Est CH FinW-03 EstW-05 EuVW-06
Zinnia's The Original
Zinnia's Lovelights
Zinnia's The Obsession Int&Fin&Est Ch FinW-87-88-89
Niittykasteen Sensaatio
Steadlyn Captivation
Blue Suede's Dawn Of Sunrise Zinnia's Ascari Ecosse N Ch NW-00 Zinnia's Brazil Carneval
Fin&Est Ch Zinnia's Golden Eyes
Zinnia's Caprice Classic Fin Ch Snowpaw Plymouth Fury
Fin Ch Zinnia's With Love